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Speedmap: metsu

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Just made a speedmap for all you hell revealed fans out there.

This is my first speed map and took me 3 hours to make.

Best played in prboom+ -complevel 2! chocodoom crashes thanks to visplane overflows (I don't feel like fixing this for a speed map). If the map has any bugs, let me know. I will upload this to idgames later if no bugs are found.

enjoy: http://www.sendspace.com/file/itoiiu

Speed running is strongly encouraged!

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I liked it, even though it was too frustrating for me to want to share my FDA. Here's my first exit instead.

It captured the HR feel well. It's action packed right from the start and presents a challenge.

Things I didn't like :
- Ammo is mostly frontloaded. As a player, I generally assume the mapper is providing me with enough ammo to deal with what's on the screen. If pressing a switch reveals more monsters, I expect more ammo.
- No armor at the start and no real room to dodge, along with a megasphere right behind the imp horde makes it more rewarding to speed through than to play normally, so much that it's really the only efficient option (that I could see).
- Lots of visual noise between the vine textures, the sky texture on the ground and the amount of corpses in a relatively small area. I died quite a few times because I couldn't accurately see what was going on.

As often, I focus more on the negative feedback because, well, "that part was good and that part was good and oh, also that part was good" doesn't bring much to the topic, but despite the flaws it was an enjoyable map. I would rate it 4/5.

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Nice demos guys!

I could really tell that you got really bored after a while gggmork :P

Thanks for the feedback Phml. I just totally forgot about the armor. I will add 2 green armors I think. 1 in the beginning and 1 in one of the imp-closets. Or maybe just settle with 1 green at the start? When it comes to ammo placement I don't really know how to give the player more ammo whithout it being frontloaded when every battle is fought at the same arena. I'll see what I can do.

No known bugs or breaks?

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One green armor at the start seems like it'd be fine.

You could move some of the ammo from the beginning into the imp closets (and not just 20 cells ;) ), or add some lowering floors (with ammo on it) near the start with the same tag as the ones used to reveal the imps.

I didn't see any bugs.

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