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Problems with a texture wad

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I'm trying to put together a texture wad for my Doom Alpha TC to run the levels with, and Chocolate Doom comes up with this error: "W_CacheLumpNum: 9260 >= numlumps"

I have no idea how to fix this, but if you can figure it out, here's the wad: http://files.drdteam.org/index.php/files/get/pV020_-6wH/tex.zip

Also, how can I merge this with the existing Ultimate Doom texture definitions so it can run in Chocolate Doom?

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From just glancing at the WAD structure, I think you might want to rename TEXTURES to TEXTURE1.

Also, it looks like your PNAMES table has references to patches that aren't present, such as GCRATEL1, TOMW2_1, and a lot of others. That's probably causing your problem.

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Oh, heh, I copied it directly from the 0.5 alpha, and that's what it was called.

Keep in mind this is meant to be loaded over the Ultimate Doom IWAD.

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I screwed around with a wad merger and got it to work, so don't bother replying to this thread anymore.

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