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E1m5 isnt dead! still working on it!

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Hi! i have been a long time Away from mapping. this period school was a bit tought that the last grade. so it just matter of weeks that i can start reworking again on E1M5 so im going to post a few screenies of E1M5 im on at least 25 or 30% to finish the map. my plan its to surround the outside with the base so the player can see what he have to walk around.

(I dont know if i can show the images on this forum, so i just going to post the links).

i just hope the map difficulty would be enought like my maps MAP15 and MAP28 so i just need time to finish this map and i ask a bit more time while i got free from my duty lol.

i was thinking also to post some of my olds maps because i never published, because i just tested it with friends. and if i can get info about blasphemer where i can contact or send some maps. because i like to do herectic theme maps too =D.

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AGM: "All ur base are belong 2 us!" :P

Blasphemer... the "credits" file has this (but no emails):

G. "Stilgar" Wessner - Graphics, Project Lead
Jute Gyte - Music and Sound, Level Design, Project Lead

But they've got a couple email addys listed here:

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