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UMK3 Gibs Wad

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This is my first wad and I hope it's a good one...

Right, basically, this is a wad that will make some enemies (when
they're gibbed) explode with Mortal Kombat body parts. It took a bit
longer than I thought it would to make but it's cool.

Also, things like Hell Knights and Cyberdemons don't gib but spray out
the parts on their death animation.

I would recommend using a rocket launcher or other explosive/high
powered weapons so more parts fly around.

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://filesmelt.com/dl/umk3.wad


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Heh, this is pretty cool. I like seeing the baron just spew out shit from nowhere. Neat mod, also, nice titlepic. I think I'm gonna dig up some mortal kombat sprites now and replace the zombies with them, heh heh.

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I like to spawn Zombiemen just to blow them up.
I thought I'd start with something simple for a first wad because then it would be less likely to have bugs.

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