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UAC Ultra questions

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1. The skies

I couldn't figure out whats the logic of the skies.

The first (MAP01) is so nice but I don't know what figures that.

The second (from MAP02 to MAP09) is so nice, but I don't understand: why I can see a gigantic red electronic circuit above the surface through the whole UAC complex?

The last sky (MAP11 & MAP12) is also nice but I don't know again, what's those beams in the sky?

2. According to the Doom Wiki, " [On MAP01] In the room beyond the yellow door, if you look out the window to the north, you can see Daisy's impaled head on the mountainous terrain, as seen in the ending of Inferno."

Can you send me a picture about that? I didn't found anything funny or interesting when I looked out.

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The sky outside is the, well, sky of the moon/planet surface you're on. I also liked how you had to wear an environment suit in order to be out in the open.

The "sky" inside the buildings was showing IMO you were in the bowels of the UAC Ultra facilities.

I'm guessing the sky at the end has you launched into far orbit or it's just the night sky?

As for Daisy's head I must of missed that, didn't know about it.

On another note I really enjoyed UAC Ultra, one of the few map sets I actually managed to do in one whole sitting. Really kept me captivated.

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In case you didn't read story in txt file with wad itself..

Uac Ultra happens on Mars surface (first level), then you going even deeper and deeper underground. Later you can see (as intermission says) entire planet inside was made into vast machine. Last level happens near the core or in core of the planet istelf, since it's no more natural planet, just big machine complex. Why there? well, most top sercet of UAC (Chimaira) wouldn't be hidden on surface, as story stated. So it's logical it's in planet core area, and later doomguy comes back to surface and order the shuttle probably. Of course boss level may be somewhere like Deimos, but again, I think it's the planet core area itself following to the story progress.

As for Daisy, at map 01 look behind yellow key door (as it's optional to visit, not neccessary to complete level) and watch outside (left window).

I however didn't found yet how to unlock bars behind BFG in level 05 Hardware.

Level 10 was crazy BFG fest but nice one.

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