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Irritating bug in Final Doom TNT

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This has never happened on previous playthrough's, but now I'm somehow stuck.

On TNT map 20, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjOARAP5X78

Look at 0:12

Right behind the player's position there is a teleporter. I went into that telporter, which led to a series of teleportations until I finally came back to that room. When I'm back to that room, I'm standing on that teleporter. But when I walk OFF of it, it teleports me as if I walked ON it. So I'm stuck in going through this series of teleports.

Has anyone encountered this before? What to do (other than restart; others may come across this).

Also, how is that possible: I noticed that the teleport in that room is raised beyond walking access.

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AFAIK, that teleporter's final destination is something else than that room. Fairly sure it begins in that big courtyard in the level, and also ends there, too.

So that means, if you cheat to get onto that platform with the teleporter line, you'll go through a series of teleporters and eventually end up in that courtyard.

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That teleporter is supposed to be the last in a series of teleporters that starts in the courtyard. I don't know how you would have "went into" that teleporter as, IIRC, there are no arch-viles around that area and it's raised up 32 units. All of the linedefs face inward, as well, so it's designed to teleport you away when you try to step OFF of the teleporter as opposed to on it.

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I actually did not jump into that teleporter, no lies. I was using Boom engine.

I wish I'd recorded a video of that session to show you. All I did was run backwards from an imp fireball and I somehow got teleported.

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