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How to beat the first level of whatdafuck.wad?

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I had the same problem, it's like something at the end of the level behind that gate at the one end is broken. I clipped or changemapped it.

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I just looked at it in a map editor, it appears that there is a switch in the south east trailer that opens a door in the west-middle trailer, and there's a switch in that room that lowers the wall past the exit gate. The exit gate does not open, instead, there is a switch to the right side of the gate that lowers the pole of the streetlight directly south of the exit gate, that when you walk on it, teleports you behind the exit gate.

Far too cryptic, if you ask me... o_O

Anyway, is this supposed to be run with ZDoom? It crashes in ZDoom due to missing actors, but runs fine in Skulltag, as it has the needed actors.

It's also exceedingly hard, and it is very easy to die. Was this meant for co-op?

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