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Using original Doom songs in pwads - Is it legal?

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this question may sound dumb/obvious, but i want to do everything right in this map.

Here's the thing: I'm thinking about making my first doom II map and I want it to have new music. Although it's only one level, I want to put E2M8 song on it.

So, is it ok to put the D_E2M8.mid in this pwad? I mean, this is original doom data being distributed freely, so i really want to know if it's legal or not.

P.S.: some of you may suggest me to put the map in E2M8 level slot. BUT I want doom 2 as the IWAD of this level because of the monsters and mainly because of the Super Shotgun.

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Technically no, it's just another id software lump like sprites, textures, etc. But there's already tons of PWADs that do exactly this (like using Heretic/Hexen tunes in Doom maps, etc.) And technically, modified sprites and textures are also illegal, but there's lots of those, even amongst some of the highest rated PWADs.

For projects like Freedoom, where the whole point is to be 100% legit, then it wouldn't make sense do use it though.

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