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I don't really get it. I shot a few chaingun guys, and then got blasted in the face by archviles. I ran around a bit and before spotting the exit and stumbling through it. Took me all of about forty seconds.

It's still a neat concept though.

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40oz said:

it looks a little symmetrical.

Who gives a fuck. It plays well.

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Memfis said:

5 stars for teh EOE music. Clever idea with weak arch-viles. :)

ROFL oh god the music. When I read this I thought "okay, no, surely he's not referring to what I think he is". And yet, there it is. Komm Susser Tod as played on a chorus of glockenspiels.

edit: Oh, right, the map. .. Wait, what was the point of the map again? <____<

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When you say kill everything, do you mean kill everything once? I might have left a few chaingunners behind, I didn't do a thorough sweep after all the archies were dead.

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