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Does anyone have Abuse editing utils?

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I was checking out some of the sound effects and textures for the game, and I noticed an example addon. After some tinkering, I was able to start the map editor. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to use (as is the included image editor). After a little research I discovered that Abuse had a surprisingly advanced modding API. You can change a lot just by modifying the plain text scripts. Is there anyone here that used to mod the game that can give me some Docs/tutorials, editing utils, and the source code?

If not, is anyone willing to help me in my online quest? Finding information on this game is almost impossible. O_o
At one point I found a website that archived an old forum and some mods for it, but I can't find it now.

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D'oh! I apparently don't know how to use google...


...and wut? The last update was about a month ago! After a three year period of no updates... It appears that the game is still barely alive.

The links to a lot of things are still broken though. Being a fan of obscure old games makes me feel like an archeologist sometimes. O_o

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