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'thing_hate' problem......

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Hey, ive been recently working on a map, and im just after testing out a fight where you have a few marines to help you kill the demons. The problem is, both sides always attack the enemys that are far across the room. I put a few marines and enemys infront of each other, and instead of attacking each other, both groups walked alongside each other to attack opponents at the other side of the room, and this completely kills the fun.

This is what im currently using;
script 2 open

Is there anything i can add that would make both sides attack the enemy closest to them, or somthing of that effect?

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Have you thought of using modified ZDoom marines with the +FRIENDLY flag on?

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yup, tried it mate, didnt work. its like they attack the enemy they see at the far EAST of the map, and just ignore everything else until they kill the oppenent they're after. really dont get it :S

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