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Dehacked weapon problems

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So, for KDiKDiZD, I decided that the rifle should make a sound of it's own instead of reusing the shotgun sound. To do this, I used the SSG's shell loading sound action to immediately interrupt the currently playing weapon sound, to make it appear as if it has it's own sound. To compensate, the SSG's opening and loading sounds have been merged into one sound effect taking place of the opening sound.

It works just fine in Chocolate Doom, but in any other port, this happens, in the words of esselfortium:

I did notice some bugs, though, when testing in EE:

- The refire rates on the Shotgun and SSG both are completely fucked up. If you hold down the Fire button, they just rapidfire.

- The SSG somehow causes the Raise state of every weapon to break, after you've used it: they just instantly pop up onscreen when you select it rather than taking a second to raise.

Although the whole point of the project is to be a vanilla Doom mod, we'd like it to be compatible with other ports too.

If you have any idea what's going on, you can download the dehacked file here: http://files.drdteam.org/index.php/files/get/CKnsGjk1x1/kdikdizd-deh.zip

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Sorry for the bump, but this still needs to be fixed. What on earth is causing this bizarre weapon behavior in advanced ports?

The weirdest part is that it works just fine in vanilla... :/

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