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E1M1 and MAP01

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Sodaholic's story line would be published in the blurb, mine is needed by the level designers to have continuity. It is the same thing that movie and tv shows use to maintain continuity across scenes and episodes.

Don't know if we need a third, but mine could use some more input.
There are some items question marked, to be discussed.

It makes FreeDoom be more unified when there is not a jarring inconsistency moving from one map to the next. Some excellent PWAD used a portion of the previous map in the entrance area to the next map.
Some great PWAD used the same design elements repeatedly and gave views of previous map areas from different angles.

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To be honest, I don't think the project is structured in a way which supports having/changing stories at the moment.

The traditional way freedoom has operated has been very loose, with anyone able to contribute resources, very little quality control and an emphasis on creating new resources for things not yet in freedoom over replacing things that have already been replaced with higher-quality resources.

When I was managing the project, I felt that this first "phase" of development would need to be replaced by a second "phase", once the number of replaced resources got nearer to 100%. (I was never sure what the threshold should be.)

The second "phase" would be much more hands on and have a higher emphasis on quality and consistency. The corner-stone of the phase would be the story; a plot, concept, world for the game would be developed, refined, accepted— and then stuck to.

Everything would hang around the story from that point. The levels could be re-ordered, refined, replaced to be coherent, to link thematically, and to represent the story. The monsters could be tweaked likewise. This wouldn't work if the story changed too much under the feet of designers.

At some point, there were a few candidate stories, that I thought lived in the version control repository, but I can't find them right now. Perhaps they didn't survive the move from SVN to git…

Anyway, I think that stories couldn't be submitted, rewritten and re-submitted like any other resource in an effective way. I'd argue that if the maintainers felt that it was time for Freedoom to stand on its own story-wise, they need to consider how to move forward and whether a tweak to the development process is necessary.

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I think a background guide like I presented could be adopted as loose as anything else. It would take years for most of the levels to adapt to it, but it would be an aid to those making levels now.
The later such a guide is adopted the more incompatibilities there will be. Really, the hardest problem is getting enough interest. Getting more than two people to agree and do something is difficult.

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I have started making some sort of a story. Not really a story, but a small collection of various documents that explains the things in game.

The story is specifically crafted to fit around all the levels and monsters. Sometime I will finish it.

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