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Quake Expo 2011

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Yet another Quake thread?! Thought I might advertise this here, might be of interest to some people.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Quake, and what could be a better way to celebrate it than organizing another QuakeExpo.


QExpo is a semi-biannual online event where developers and players of Quake 1-3 present all kinds of stuff for the games - new maps, mods, competitions, articles and so on. A playground for fandom and fanboyism. There have been four other events before; there are links to the respective sites on the current one. This one runs from 19 June to 25 June 2011. It went live yesterday and there are already quite a few interesting booths. There might/will be some great stuff ahead. Go check it out if you care.

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I wish I knew about that, I could of pimped off my Quake map pack that I was working on a while ago.

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You can still do that, and I'd very much encourage you to do so. Registration is open until the 25th.

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