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A few small maps...

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Here are a few levels I've made. They're quite small, but they're
still pretty good I think. There's a number of secrets inside them
and it'll be cool if someone finds them all.

It goes up to MAP03 in Doom 2 and must be played in GZDoom
for the 3D floors that are required for MAP01 and MAP02. There might
be a few bugs, but I made these ages ago and completely forgot about
them until recently.

Try them out, here's the link: http://filesmelt.com/downloader/smalllevel1test.wad
I hope I haven't screwed that up again :S.

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Those maps are in GZDoom format. You should specify it in your first post.

Not a bad start. In overhall, maps lacks detail, most rooms are just blank, with enemies inside. Try following a detail guide and learn something from it.

Map 01 was annoying, but Map 02 and 03 were better with some cool fights. One thing you must know is, making a locked door that just contains a key to open other locked door, is not a good idea.

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Map02 is interesting to explore, it's fun to fight against enemies on other levels, etc. But Map01 is just a big room in the center, with other rooms around it.

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