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OK, some might argue that it IS broken by default, due to what it does to the Doom palette... but I discovered it's broken in another way: the palette tables don't go all the way (check the filesize: under 7 KB, while each palette needs 768 bytes and there are 14 of them), so palettes beyond palette #10 (greens) are left undefined and will contain whatever random garbage your memory happens to contain right there and then.

The result? Try picking a bonus or a radsuit. The colors will be different for these palette states depending on which source port you're using and/or the state of the memory at that time.

Cgadoom is broken in a similar way, so no two source ports and/or game instances will look exactly the same, as the green/yellow palettes will simply be left undefined.

P.S.: Even EGADoom II has the same problem, but it actually has everything all-black. This makes it unplayable when e.g. you pick the radsuit or any bonus.

P.S.: I only now saw this much better EGADOOM 2.0 attempt by SigVart. It looks better, but while all palettes are defined, the greens/yellow pickup one are not different than palette 0. At least they are not blank/random....

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Heh. Pretty pathetic if you ask me; a wad with nothing but one lump in it can't get it right.

SigVart's ega does change the palette for item pickups though; check it out in slade. Unlike EGADOOM.WAD, which has a "tint red" for damage taken, it does its palette changes within the constraints of the EGA palette, so it's harder to spot the difference.

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The alternating color palettes are there, but they look slightly different than you would expect them to be because they are within the confines of the EGA palette.

Depending on what port you are using you may or may not see the difference. ZDoom does not use these, for instance.

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