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General Rainbow Bacon

DoomHero's idgames findings

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Some favorites from back in the day:

spirit2.wad (Quest for Demonic Spirit)

twilab.wad (Twilight Lab)


oasis.wad (Oasis of Death)

This last one is deathmatch...

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It wouldn't be a bad idea to write up a bit more text, maybe toss in a picture or two, and make a blog out of this.

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Some guy who was on here ages ago had a geocities site where he was planning to go through the whole archives, play everything, and review it. He'd actually done quite a lot too, somewhere around 200 maps (as opposed to the "gave up after 10" you'd expect from such a project). Unfortunately I can't remember the guy's username let alone anything else. And Geocities has been deleted now anyway.

EDIT: Ah yes, it was called Grimm's Mini Reviews. It would help if I had read the whole thread before posting.

Anyway there's a wad called either city2 or town2 in Maximum Doom that's pretty good for it's age.

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Hey Grimm. Didn't even know about your site. I'll definitely post some reviews there.

E: How do I submit reviews on your site though?

E2: Also, how is your site any different from what is already on the archive in terms of reviews? There are reviews of most of the wads in the archive already. I'm spending time looking at ones that are either mostly not reviewed, or wads from '94 through '96 that have been forgotten.

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Grimm said:

uhhh didn't you ever hear of classicdooming.com?

write up some mini-reviews and send them us!

Oh, hey, I just now kind of figured out your site navigation. I originally assumed there were jack all for reviews but I was just impatient and didn't let the A - B - C buttons pop up. Definitely adding this to my "Second Opinions" page.

Info for review submissions can be found here.

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From now on, i'll be putting an actual review of the maps in each post instead of just a short comment, as well as several ratings out of 10 at the end. The ratings will be: gameplay, architecture, and difficulty. Anyway, here's the first wad review.


This one will have you biting your knuckles. This map is very challenging, and does not give you the ammo you might want to deal with the monsters. I was expecting some crappy room to room fighting, when in fact there are some very interesting fights in this map. The architecture is bleh, but the gameplay is awesome! Give this one a go if you want a real challenge.

Gameplay: 10
Architecture: 4 (It's '95, whaddya expect?)
Difficulty: 7

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This one is a great map that for some reason is in /deathmatch but should be in /single player. Definitely one of the hardest early wads I've played because of the cramped space given to deal with the monsters. There are windy stairways and lots of detail (for '95) in this one.

Gameplay: 10
Architecture: 10
Difficulty: 9



This one which is dated wrong, but I played it anyway. Another castle map. This one is much more open and less challenging, but very fun. Decently long too, with some interesting areas including a teleport section in an underground cave that I really liked.

Gameplay: 8
Architecture: 8
Difficulty: 6

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Maps 6-11 were the only good maps. The first 5 felt like DM maps. Once map06 rolled around things got more interesting. More enemies. Maps 1-5 only had less than 10 ememies per map and I think map01 didn't have any enemies at all.

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xvertigox said:

This is a really nice map, I highly recommend it.

Andy Badorak. One of my favorite authors. :)

Yeah this one was included in Memento Mori if I'm not mistaken and I built a map inspired by it for my megawad.

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