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Getting sectors from glBSP nodes

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So far to process levels I've been building up my own models purely from vertex and sidedef data.
I'm currently having problems building up valid triangle data from all this - my routines to chop up sectors works OK, but often falls down when there are 'holes' (IE other sectors) completely within it.
Nosing around, it appears that the way people doing Open GL ports get around this is to use a glBSP nodes builder and extract the info from that.
Thing is, this is all part and parcel of them using a BSP tree to speed up drawing, but i can't do this (nor would I know how even if it were possible in my program).
I'm wondering if there's a simple way of parsing the gl nodes purely to give me a list of triangles per sector for the floor and ceiling?

Any help mucho appreciated :)

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