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I'm nagging for reviews again..

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It's the annoying moron me again, and I'm still looking for some more reviews from you great guys and gals of Doomworld. I know the /newstuff has been sparse as of late, but I'm still interested in seeing the reviews you may have of the latest wads posted in http://forums.myrworld.com/index.php I'm especially interested in wads for the source ports as well. As the usual process of R! World goes, you post the content, I place it onto the site, then every week or so I send in news to the Doom sites of the latest reviews(and I promise no more stupid things like I did with calling BigBadGangsta a mod here). I really am looking forward to seeing your reviews.


P.S. I'm wondering where a FAQ might be on how to upload to newstuff so that I can place an announcement with it on the boards for I know many people are still confused as to how to do it.

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