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Animated textures and flats

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How do I define what the next texture or flat will be for an animated texture or flat?

For instance a switch and also a bloodfall or waterfall.


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In the original game, you are limited to the original animations for flats and textures.

Though you can add or remove frames from the original texture animations because of how Doom looks up the frames. Though most ports probably don't support this.

You can also place several "textures" onto an animated texture and then offset the texture in a map editor to use the piece you wish to.

Most ports have ways of defining new texure and flat animations.

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Assuming you mean for ZDoom (going by your earlier questions), it's all explained here.

You can use the PIC keyword to define animations frame by frame, or you can use the RANGE keyword to define a range of frames at once.

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Boom's animated and switches lump's are probably the most universal method of defining new texture/flat animations or switches. In fact I think every major port supports it.

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