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Trifling - Boom+ speedmaps

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Ok, so I've been stuck on that first post line for over five minutes. Screw proper introductions.

Here are a few speedmaps I made for (strong?) Boom-compatible ports. I'm not actually sure they won't run in Boom. Everything was tested in GLBoom+ v2.5.0.6.

Download link, 06/24 : [dead link; see below]

No screenshots, if you're looking for eyecandy my maps are the last thing you want to play. So far, I just used stock textures. I haven't bothered with skies yet.

As for gameplay, it varies between normal, gimmicky and slaughter.

There's only four maps so far, and the first one was already in DH85's 5 minute maps thread. I originally thought I'd hold off until having something more substantial to show, but then again getting feedback is always helpful and the longer I wait to upload stuff, the more tedious it might be to go back and fix what needs to be fixed.

So, any comments welcome. FDAs are great as well, but I'd recommend not to put too much effort on demos as everything is subject to change.


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See, two minutes of watching you play and I already get more insight than replaying the map myself a dozen times. I thought the lift texture would be enough incentive to press space, but obviously you can't know that there's cell ammo under that archvile. I'll put it in the wall behind instead, at player height, with some light on it. Thanks!

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