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Map in progress: Hattusa

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This is a wad in progress. I'd like to share my first results with you.

It is based on the ground plan of the ancient castle palace of Hattusa. It is different from many other wads as it recreates a historic building. Maybe the concept is a little bit like Benoit Spacher's fantastic "Metz" map but with a little bit less accuracy in mind.

So far, the main buildings have been laid out in Doom Builder 1. Several areas are detached from the rest of the map because I wanted to stay in the grid and will align them later when they are finished.

My current idea is to mainly use classic doom textures to identify the various areas: Guard facilities, assembly hall, library, stocks, private rooms ...

I made a custom texture showing a curtain with a small gap in it. You can peek through it into the next room, and walking trough it looks real great in-game.

For those doomers who would have a look themselves, here's a doom2-compatible download wad. Please don't expect too much, e.g. doors (where applied) won't work yet, you have to use IDCLIP.

Comments are welcome. One of my questions is: what to do with the big yards? Placing monsters there is pointless. Maybe they ought to be peaceful areas, with the horror waiting inside ...

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looks interesting, as i wrote in that \newstuff level review some months ago, i really love exploration maps.... oh, if you want to add some monsters, i don't mind it! (but remember to add them only in harder skills...)

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This looks kind of neat. For the big open areas, you could always put a few Cacodemons to spice things up a bit. It would be like they're flying in, looking for a place to land or something lol.

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Yea the curtains look a little odd. I think because of what I'm going to guess it the "ruffling" at the top.

You could try to put in some sort of centerpiece in the middle of the big courtyard. Just something to break up the open space...that is, if that's what your trying to do. You can put pretty much anything you want as a centerpiece...be it decorative or what have you. Since your basing the design off of a real like structure though, I don't really know. Maybe have a bunch of monster spread throughout the courtyard, and then when the player awakens them, they could all teleport simultaneously to various areas of the map?

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