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Hi-Res textures Scaling

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Hi, I got some good feedback on Hi-res textures and they look fab. I'm running Zdoom but I have a problem

When I scale in SLADE3 I cannot get the full 32 - 32 option when scaling them. I have to type in '255' and '255'.

When that happens it only scales the textures at 31x31 which is not what I want, and I cannot go higher than 255. Here is what I mean:

As you can see I want to scale the exit door to be of Doom II's configuration so that it will fit in the game properly (or to be more precise the maps I've put these textures in anyway).

The scale in this Image as you can see in the entry boxes is 32, this is because I can only get the closer scaled down images when I use:

I type in 255 for both boxes because when I move away from those boxes it automatically sets it to 31x31 when I click in another box.

That's the problem, I cannot go any higher than 255 so therefore it will not go over 31x31 which as you can see for this exit door its a pain in the ass. It also does this on all the other textures; they are ALL slightly over scaled, and you can see this on the doors when they appear in game and what not.

How can I scale these textures correctly? I am assuming it is a limit in SLADE. Is there any other editor that I can tinker with to get the correct scaling?

Thanks for the help!

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Try using a TEXTURES lump instead of TEXTURE1? I have no clue if that'll help you, though. I'm just talking out of my ass here because I've never tried scaling textures the way you're doing it.

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The 255 thing is a limit of scaling using TEXTURE1. I'm not sure why you want the exit door texture so small though, isn't the original 64x72 or something?

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Alphawolf said:

How can I scale these textures correctly? I am assuming it is a limit in SLADE.

It's not. 255 is the largest value you can set on a single byte.

Since those textures are high-res versions of the IWAD ones, and assuming you're not so foolish as to edit the IWAD directly, then there's something a lot easier you could do.

It seems they're made of a single patch with their name. So, delete the TEXTUREx lumps in your wad. Rename P_START into HI_START, and P_END into HI_END. Load the wad. ZDoom will automatically use the hires versions instead of the IWAD ones; but since they're in a hires namespace, it'll look at the IWAD ones to know which size they should have and will automatically scale them to fit.

GreyGhost said:

Do any ports use that scaling feature?

IIRC, EDGE and maybe Eternity do support it; in addition to ZDoom where it originated looooong ago.

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It partially worked Gez. The flats and most of the textures scaled bang on. However my custome skies disappeared and other textures scaled incorrectly. For instance some COMP textures still looked massive and my other hi-res textures looked scaled and too large.

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Now I can't load my wad because it says 'Bad Texture directory'

I kept the P_START and P_END after it didn't work and then removed patches that said 'NOT FOUND' and it comes up with that now. Any idea of fixing this problem now I can't load it?

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