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How to get Custom Monsters in Doom 2

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Hey, I'm Quite new on doom builder, I just got few questions that hopefully won't be dumb to this community. First, how can I get custom monsters (sprites) on a wad so I can use it on Doom Builder 2?. Second how can I add other textures that are not included on a wad or doom2.wad engine. One last thing, Where can I upload maps to the public?

Thanks and I appreciate any responses.

Since I think people don't respond my post just because this is gonna be my last post or any similar idea, I'm linking my map (work in progress) and available for anyone who wants to use it or just to look it. This is a remake of Dis map 3x bigger (scaled), going to include custom monsters, and maybe textures, including new zones so I can recapture what made it good. Also any feedback is appreciated so I can Think on improve it.


PS: I dont know how to hyperlink lol...

Forgot something important.... open it with doom2.wad and map01

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First, if you're mapping for the ZDoom family of source ports it's dead easy. Add the monsters' wad to the resources for your map (hit F2 to bring up the "Map Options" requestor and click on "add resource..." or add them when loading your map), if there's an editor number in their DECORATE script they'll be added to the Thing list.

Second, add the texture wad or directory to the map resource list - same procedure as adding monsters.

Finally, any decent file hosting service will do. I prefer MediaFire for some perverse reason I'd rather not discuss.

Hope this helps.

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