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Battlefield Heroes account names & passwords leaked

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This is kind of old by now, but a few days ago a list of all account names and passwords in BF:H was leaked and I got my hands on a copy. Sure enough I saw myself in the list as I played the beta and proceeded to change a lot of passwords (for the "unimportant" sites only though, I have more sophisticated passwords for more important accounts). I don't know what to do with this, if I post it here I'll get banned and if I want to people ask if their name is on it I'll get called a thief. Basically if you've ever played BF:H I suggest you change passwords.

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I checked the list the other day and my email address was not on there. I remember playing the beta for a little bit with a few friends of mine when it first came out. I wouldn't worry too much about it, Lulzsec dissolved earlier this week with tail between their legs. Nothing's gonna happen.

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None of my email addresses showed up in any of the leaks - but an old email address I registered in 96 did - kinda odd considering I haven't used that email for 12 years - well before any of these games came out :/

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