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Weird Plasma gun sound on "TehDoomer666"s UD videos

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Have any of you watched TehDoomer666's youtube playthrough of Ultimate Doom? His/her plasmagun emits a chirping sound.

I would post a link but i'm on my ipod and it would take you to the mobile youtube, however, take a look at ANY of his Ultimate Doom videos and look out for the weird plasmagun sound. I've asked him/her via comment on an E4M3 video of his/hers and he/she rather rudely half-heartedly explained it was like that when purchased.

However, his/her Doom 2 playthroughs have the correct sound.

If it was genuinely the default sound on his/her copy of Ultimate Doom, then why? Does anybody recognise that sound as being from a certain overseas version of Doom or..?

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Never heard it in Doom, but in a few movies. It's used in Terminator 2 on the spark that sets the gas on fire after the truck-chase scene.

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