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Walter confetti

speedmapping from hell

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hi, this is a speed mapping slaughtermap attempt i made today based upon the doomhero85 idea of castle filled whit caverns and blood (dhspd002 original concept), anyway here it is:


no title yet, new music is D_E3M2 from Doom, build time is 120 minutes and another hour wasted in detail and thing adjustment.

Told me what do you think, and if you like it maybe i'll expand this concept whit more maps...

EDIT: Screen shots cause i know you love them...

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Hey, just played a little of this. Very cool, but double the monster count for true slaughter style. Also, couldn't find the exit, and a pain elemental in that rocky passage is stuck.

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I found the exit right away when I played yesterday. It was a tough map to play from pistol start. I had the most trouble with the Manc's, all in all it was a good map for a speedmap.

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