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Doom RPG: New Release 7/31/12

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System Reqs: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 (Windows 3.1/95 version in the making), Linux OS, Mac.

tried to make this as compatible with all computers as possible, since the engine used is designed to work on all those.

Well, here is the first stable release of the Doom RPG: Evil Unleashed Demo. When you click on the link, the game automatically begins downloading. Be sure to check out the engine used to make the game with, and look at its gaming community, at SlimeSalad.com!


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This sounds pretty awesome. I'm a big fan of the old FF games, namely FF 6. I think something that would enhance the RPG feel of a Doom RPG would be multiple pathways, i.e. don't funnel the party into certain areas, and a lot of side quests. You don't need to/shouldn't just stick to the main Doom levels as areas as you will be severely limited. Of course, I don't know what you already have planned, but I hope there's a good story, villains, and towns and stuff to make this feel like a true old-school RPG.

That said, I'd love to try out your demo.

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I'd love an overhead view, random battle, Doom RPG. Complete with usable Doom item inventory and pallet swaps.

I'd love a try.

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Sounds nifty. How does it compare to that other Doom RPG? I assume it plays from a third-person perspective, but how plot/story/exploration based is it going to be? Do you control a lone marine, or a party of characters?

I'd also love to see some screenshots, if nothing else, even if the sprites are still crappy.

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If it's as good or better than Doom Roguelike, I'm down. :)

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Mainly, since Doom had Tie-ins with quake 3, I used some of the Characters from Q3 as party members for the Doom RPG game. Bits and Pieces of the story tie in to Tom Hall's version of Doom, and some is based on a FanFiction story of Doom I made a while back.

The FanFiction story is located here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7099305/1/Knee_Deep_in_the_Dead_Book_One_of_Doom

The photos of the game are on my Facebook page under my prof:
"Sidney Kerrick Tyler" in the photo album "Doom RPG Under Development".

But, if you do need a copy of the demo, I will be more than happy to send it to your email-adresses along with a copy of the instructions on how to play.

Oh, and some more info:

Yes Nomad, it will be a Helluva lot better than the Roguelike.

Yes Mithran Denizen, it's 3rd Person, it has a decent storyline, there is going to be plenty of exploration, you will control a party of up to 4 characters at a time, including Saboteurs, Heavy Weapons specialists, and some rogue demons of Hell itself. (I will explain after some more of the game is done.)

Yes Technician, it has overhead view, random battle, and has some of the original Doom inventory. Just not much though. it's a demo after all.

BTW, in the Full game, you will see a return of the Unmaker from Doom 64 as well.

And, it has a bit of the old NES Final Fantasy feel, even though it does take place in the doom universe.

I plan on adding weapons that never made it into the final Doom Game as well (based on Tom Hall's script)

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Oh, by the way, here's some pics of the game now.


None of these are repeat pics, and you are free to give em out in other forums as well.

Oh, and in order for me to send the Beta test copies, I will need a valid email adress! The only one with one was MithranDenizen. as for the rest, I could'nt get a valid email for.

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The Mediafire link for Doom RPG Beta Test
is up and running!

Contact me here on Doomworld for the link!

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Okay, I played the demo. Here are some things:

The good:

I like the screen resolution as it's like SNES but I would prefer a fullscreen option as well and maybe up to 640 x 480 . I like the Menus and the graphics of the characters and enemies from what you gave us. I like that you took a background from the actual map.

The less than good:

Battles are very clunky/slow and the amount of time it takes for Flynn to reload is long. Also, you should allow more than one monster to be against the player/party (I hope you plan to put in more party members later, it's just not an RPG without 4 - 12 more people available) so that there is more of a challenge. I think you should use battle music from some classic RPG as the e3m8 repeats wayyy too much and I don't really want to hear that loop several thousand times.

Things you should add:

Obviously medkits and stimpacks are needed. I don't know how high a level you intend on letting us get to so you may need to adjust health items/weapons/armor with more powerful sounding names such as +2 Dark Shotgun of Armor Piercing or unique weapons like Carmack's +5 Anti-Matter launcher of Demon Slaying or something. Don't stick to the Doom music just because it's a Doom related RPG, RPG music is very different from FPS music and since you're calling this an RPG, use RPG music as the tracks are longer/more interesting. Btw, this project is the perfect, I mean perfect place, to put in the monsters from the Realm 667 bestiary.

I realize this was just a tech demo, but as someone who's been playing RPG's for 20 years I know what makes a good one. I just want to help you make this one good too. I guess my main point for the next release is more variety in every way is needed to make this the game I think you want to make.

Thanks for sharing this little demo with us


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For further reference, the Game does have a fullscreen mode,
you have to type Alt+Enter. Make sure you do this BEFORE you load up the game, because if you don't, the graphics appear distorted and letters appear unreadable.

I did have some different mixed character groups in the game, but still need to add the data to the final demo. I will add some more music.

I'll speed up the time it takes Flynn to reload.

With all requests noticed, I will begin the update today.

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The Beta has been updated!

Considering the comments on the game as posted by DoomHero85,

I have added and modified many elements of the game.

-The Demo now includes another playable team member.
-Another monster is present.
-New armor sets are available.
-Medikits are now accessible.
-You can now interact with Wall panels,signs,etc.
-You can now talk to other NPCs.
-Fullscreen mode is "Alt-Enter"
-New music has been added to some of the game screens.

Play the demo, if you haven't already, and see what new stuff I present to you now!

I will post the link to the demo this time:


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A little better. Some things I must point out. For the quit screen it is "Damn Right!" and it's Sergeant not Sargeant. Also, make the battle music the same for all regular battles, and choose some heavier faster tune for boss music, and then something epic for major bosses, and something even more epic for the final boss. I'll point you to tracks I like if you want. More monsters, more monsters, more monsters, don't stick to the vanilla ones and limit yourself, like I said in the other post. I know only zombiemen, sergeants, and imps were in the original e1m1, but this is an entirely different game. Good work so far.

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Updates so far to the Beta copy of Doom RPG:

-Demo Weapons Completed

-Demo Enemies Completed

-Demo Items Completed

-Demo Music Completed

-Intro Screen Finished and Revised

-Demo Team Member Made and Finished

-If you go to the impassable room now, you will arrive at the starting area for the main hub on Phobos. (Unfinished)

-Vehicle Ideas are in the development stage. Expect new vehicles in the 1st episode version!

-The enemies that are new to the original Doom are modified versions of the monsters from Realm667. Most of their sounds are in there too.

In the meantime, please post anything new if you can on your beta testing! I will proceed to work on the game.

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If you like the game of Doom RPG, check out the add-on Fan Fiction Story "Knee Deep in the Dead" by,(Yours Truly), Sid Tyler!

The first 3 parts are made and are as follows:

Part One - Prologue:
I: Before the Day
II: The New Experiments
III: ...And Justice For All

Part Two - Chapter One: We're all soldiers here.

Part Three- Chapter Two: Dark Side of the Moon

They are actually good readin', and you should read it if you like the game. Here's the link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7099305/1/Knee_Deep_in_the_Dead_Book_One_of_Doom

(Please note that this is a convergence of Doom 1 and 3, since they were practically the same game)

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I'm not sure if i'm able to do that. The engine I use to make the RPG only supports item names to a certain length. It's one of the many drawbacks to the engine use...

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I didn't want to buy the darn thing, and after being in the middle of development suddenly have the trial expire and leave me stuck. So I went with a free game engine. One I could easily modify to make my own game with. I tried using RPG maker and it annoyed the Hell out of me. I couldn't make a single damn map in that thing, much less a decent storyline screen that played properly. That, and since DOS still technically works on all Windows computers to some certain extent, or something like it, and older still, I chose the latter program I use now to make my games with.

It's way easier that RPG Maker, and it's free to use.

Plus, that thing was way outta my price range. And I wanted the game to be truly 'original'. Not made with a stupid 'Editor'. Somthing where I could draw what I see in my mind, not what's already been laid out for me. Think of it as Legos. They're there, and they're waiting. You see the thing you want to build in your mind, and you build it, with no limits to what you can do. With this editor, I can do that, without limitation.

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The newest update to Doom RPG is up on Mediafire, along with:

-3 new enemies.

-More new music, and some battle music changed.

-Zone-based enemies to fight. Random battles still occur though.
Example: Try looking for a fight in the waste-pit area

-You can now go between levels with a new hub system.
Visit old levels again and again!

-Over 15 new map tiles

-new sounds

-some slight glitches fixed with the game's starting engine--
You can now start the game simply by clicking on the DoomRPG game icon.
No other hassle required!

-Graphics Update!-Flynn's ingame pic no longer looks like a giant blob of random color!

Here is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?cg1gkrgdj1th6kd

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As of tomorrow, I will begin work on the full version of Episode One of Doom RPG. Already I have started completing the outside Phobos hub, and
have put in some new areas. I plan to put a planetary vehicle on the planet surface in a certain area in the world.

Right now, I have the following done, or have started work on:

-Enemies (Done): Zombieman, Former Sergeant, Imp, Demon, Spectre, Zombified Dog, Dark Imp, Mutant.

-Locations (Done): Hangar

-Locations (WIP): Phobos Hub, Nuclear Plant

-Items (WIP): A couple new armor sets, and a few new weaps as well.

As for other things, I will show you pics of tomorrow when I have them finished. However, If you want a copy of the game and its developer tools, PM me. I will get them to you as soon as possible. I want this to be a collaborative project, not just something I plan to do myself. Good night, everyone...

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I just finished playing and I really enjoyed it. I really hope you can keep at this. That being said, I had a couple issues with it:

1. When I try to play on full screen, I have a CTD with no errors. The best I've been able to do is Maximize the window.

2. This may be related to the first issue, but the color palette seems to not be right.

Also, when you're in the battle screen, you should have an option to escape or run away. I know this is Doom, but it's also an RPG, and what RPG doesn't have a run away button?

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When you first load up the game, first pass the title screen and load your game, or start a new one. THEN Turn on fullscreen by pressing "Alt-Enter".

This will fix the issue with the palettes as well.

Note that some things in the game I had to recolor due to engine limits with colors. i try to keep the game compatible with DOS, if I can.

As for the battle screen, the way to escape is by pressing (And sometimes holding) the Escape key. I've not yet been able to figure out how to put an escape choice into the screen yet. But if you do press escape, after a few tries, you will escape from battle.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Before I release another update to the game, I need some things:

I need to know what you'd like to have in the game.
Vehicles, Weapons, Enemies, etc. You name it.
If it's in the forum, it's in the game.

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Hey, just checked out the new demo. Nice adding the Mutant.

Okay, a few things.

Get rid of all the heavy metal midis: Slayer, Iron Maiden, though I love the bands, their music does not work in a game. Go to vgmusic.com and choose music from there.

Also, A few things I would like to see.

For Monsters:
More monsters per battle, if you can get up to maybe 6 enemies in a battle that would be good. Also, make the demon in the corner stronger, he seems to be a sub-boss kind of monster and should be strengthened as such. Make him deeper red and have 2 other "lesser" demons with him, and make the lesser ones normal monsters that can be encountered anywhere.

For Weapons:
+1 Shotgun, name it +1 SG, add +1 to damage and attack bonus

Super Shotgun: SSG, stats should be a good deal higher than the regular obviously.

Maybe a +2 shotgun later: something that can be found in the dungeon in a "chest", maybe make computer panels what chests are in this.

Maybe one more normal monster that you can encounter in the hangar, let's say maybe another type of zombie.

Consider making an actual boss for this demo too. Maybe a taller, fiercer looking super-imp. His stats should be maybe: 400 HP, 4 different attacks he can do: double claw, fireball, poison spit, dark claw (2x damage double claw, but he can only do it after he reaches 200 hp or less).

Add the possibility for critical hits too. I'd say 2% chance for 3x damage.
No vehicles yet. They shouldn't come in until around 1/3 the way through the game. But when you add them, add starbase cruisers: basically cars; Battleships; for water navigation, and possibly the F-666, for flying to high places on the world map.

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The updates for the next version of Doom RPG have been completed. I have taken the liberty of adding the updates requested by certain members of DoomWorld, and have implemented them into the game:

1. There is a Boss, and yes, he is beatable.

2. There are a few new weapons (SSG and Battle Knife) The battle knife replaces the normal fist. I found that it makes much more sense.

3. There are new enemies, including a sub-boss.

4. The music soundtrack has changed once again.

5. Graphic Updates. The hero and enemy sprites look much better.

6. More map tiles.

7. Further work has been done on the 2nd map, as well as the Phobos surface hub.

I'd also like to give credit where it is due to Tormentor667, for his use of Graphics and sounds.

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