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need Map feedback

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Hey, I've been working on this map lately Called "Dis Remake" and I want some feedback If anyone interested on a newbie map, any kind of commentaries and personal thoughts are OK.

I suggest it to Play this from the easiest skill level until nightmare, so you can see the differences of different monsters (nightmare mode best challenge yet). I'm Also implementing CO-OP, which will have harder monsters and more numerous(more kicking asses). If you want this harder than nightmare, just play it as CO-OP rather than single player.

This is a work in progress and still a lot of work to do . One last thing:what about the skybox? if you don't like it, what would you like. The file size is 14 MB.

PS: I'm bad with textures.


enjoy.... for now.....

IS Zdoom (Doom in UDMF format) Used Doom builder 2 to create it. Its MAP01, and I used the doom2.wad for it.

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I tried it and three times I got stuck on the wrong side of a raising floor or a door that only opens once, and had to restart the level again. I got bored (because too much time is spent running around empty corridors) and gave up.

I like most of the monsters (but not the teleporting lost soul or the demon that fires regular fireballs.) I think you need to add more weaker monsters for distraction (because of the larger size - even though they weren't in the original Dis.)

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Yay for high speed internet, otherwise I'd complain that I wasted the time to download this. '94 style mixed with zdoom and apparently the entire zdoom beastiary.

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Its a good design and with the music Facing the spider it would feel better.

But it needs A LOT more work. The coridoors feel too long, the monsters behind too predictable, too many varied types of monster.

What I recommend is to fix the brigtness levels and make the level smaller. Grab the whole lot and make it smaller, then add some tall red torches to the coridoors and add a semi level before you get to the Spider Mastermind(s). Then when you have all three keys start Facing the spider, it will feel much more awesome.

So change the light levels right down, get the sky sorted out. You can make an animated sky a lot simpler than having a sky box, have a look around.

Other than that I liked the whole middle part with the doors and the chasms falling to your death, I did like it when I looked down the middle.

So yeah a few tweaks here and there and it will be spot on. Good work so far ;)

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i couldnt complete it!
died in massive marble outdoor bit

no medikits
a bit to easy 2 die

P.S. i dont play with music

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