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Help with skulltag forum. Forum bug?

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I hope there are some peeps here from the skulltag forum because I have a problem.

On top of the forum, it says that because of remodeling, the passwords are lost, and you have to recover them again. When I do this however, I get the message 'You are not authorised to request a new password.'

What's going on? is it a bug or is my profile somehow damaged because I haven't been there in ages?

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I can't check it out the forums myself but could you just try making a new profile and see if that works?

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Reminds me of an issue I had years ago when attempting to register on the NewDoom forums. It somehow transpired that my (less than a month old) email address had already been banned, and when the "Contact Admin" link took me to a custom 404 error page I started loosing interest.

Have you tried registering under a different email address or an alias for your current address?

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