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[WIP] Black and Grey (rel. 10)

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Black and Grey - a weapons and gameplay mod for ZDoom where you go around shooting and blowing enemies up, with some modern FPS elements in the mix. All weapons are much deadlier, along with revised versions of the vanilla enemies, posing more of a threat even when in small numbers. Cover must be used much more often in order to regain health after taking fire.

Main download link. (release #10) - You will need the latest SVN.

Vignette enabler patch. (release #3) - Enables a vignette effect, may lower your FPS.

- Bind a key in the options menu to reload, throw grenades, preform quick melee attacks, and inject medicine.
- Syringes can be used to boost your defense and speed.
- Killing zombies and Imps with the pipe won't alert nearby enemies.

Found in the original ZDoom thread.

- Added a blood spray effect.
- Added a fuze to the hand grenade.
- Added a semi automatic mode for the assault rifle.
- Added a seperate firing mode selector key, by default it is bound to C.
- Added blood to the Lost Soul and Spiderdemon.
- Added high-jumping to the syrette's effects.
- Added information to the CODEX lump.
- Added new bullet chip decals, using only the default plasma decal and bullet puff smoke.
- Added several new ammo pickup sprites.
- Added several new enemy sprites.
- Added several new sounds, along with damage type specific sounds to the player, right now only for falling damage, drowning, and slime, and echoing for distant gunfire.
- Added something to replace the Wolfenstein SS.
- Added the sniper rifle zombie, can spawn where Revenants spawn.
- Added trails to tracers.
- Adjusted enemy reaction times.
- Adjusted grenade movement behavior to bounce off walls more, bounce off floors less, and come to a stop when actually stopped.
- Adjusted several weak enemy spawns.
- Adjusted sound rolloff for gunshots and large explosions.
- Adjusted weapon casing behavior.
- Adjusted zombie attack behavior to sometimes stop in the middle of a burst.
- Changed several item strings.
- Changed the Cyberdemon's desperation attack to fire faster rather than fire Revenant missiles.
- Changed the Hell Knight's attack to a variation of the Imp fireball.
- Changed the Spiderdemon's attack to fire two bullets at once.
- Changed the sniper rifle bullet to a fastprojectile, it should be able to actually hit now.
- Crosshairs will change depending on the weapon.
- Damage, health, and projectile speed changes.
- Fixed the assault rifle not lighting up rooms properly.
- Fixed the sniper rifle not unzooming when using a quick item or reloading.
- Health packs take away the pain counter to quickly and gradually restore health rather than healing instantly.
- HUD adjustments.
- Increased amount of blood splattered.
- Increased capacity of the sniper rifle to 4.
- Increased delay between quick item and melee usages.
- Increased rate of fire of the Cyberdemon.
- Increased rate of fire of the sniper rifle.
- Increased recoil of the pistol.
- Increased spread of the assault rifle while on automatic fire.
- Increased spread of the shotgun.
- Increased zombie aiming time.
- Made the sniper rifle scope slightly transparent.
- Reduced damage resistance given by the syringe.
- Reduced enemy aggressiveness on Normal difficulty.
- Reduced speed of the Baron, Cyberdemon, Hell Knight, and Spiderdemon.
- Removed bullet drop from the sniper rifle bullet.
- Removed recoil from the sniper rifle when zoomed in.
- Renamed syrette to syringe.
- Reorganized the CREDITS lump.
- Replaced the fist with a pipe.
- Seperated the syrette from the large ammo pack pickup.
- The sniper rifle works like it did before the last version, so no more explosive damage, and its bullet drop was reduced.
- Using syringes while under its effect will extend its duration.

Credits are also found in the original ZDoom thread.

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Updated! Now includes proper grenade behavior, a sniper rifle that's actually usable, new bullet decals, a firing mode selector button, new (but not actually new) sprites, sounds, and several other things listed in the changelog.

Main download link. (release #10) - You will need the latest SVN.

Vignette enabler patch. (release #3 - Same as last release.) - Enables a vignette effect, may lower your FPS.

Found on the first post.

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