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General Rainbow Bacon

My first DM map

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i played this map today with skulltag bots and i say can this is a pretty map, but there's some stuff that needs some change like:

- add a pillar or some other thing to raise the bfg, then make a switch in the plasma gun room to lower the bfg, or exchange the bfg and plasma spot. As i learned in the various years making 32in24 or skulltag speedmapping or solo projects for DM, is not a good thing to make the most powerful weapon in the game as a easy access for the other, so you must place it in a inaccessible place for the player, but the player can watch it so he\she's motivated to fight for the precious trophy... same concept works also for other powerful items (megaspheres etc.)

- add a WR linedefs near the metal plataform, so the DM flow isn't broken down...

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Yeah, the only thing is is that I don't think the BFG is the strongest weapon for deathmatch. True, if you hit, it's usually a one hit kill, but it takes so long to fire that your only hope is the person you fired at goes back into your range of vision after it's finished firing. My theory for the BFG in is it only works if you actually hit. In my experience the SSG is the best weapon in DM.

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