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GZDoom - Can't start up level

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Hi. This is Xane123. I have recently been working on a ZDoom hack and I decided to try to start using models for the Sonic springs I put in MAP06, Sonic World. Normally, in game, when the game is ran through ZDoom, there's a 2D image of a spring from Sonic 1, but when the game was ran through GZDoom, upon loading a level, the game crashes and says "Execution could not continue.

Failed to allocate -1 bytes from process heap
", although this only happens in GZDoom, and I really want to use models to replace stuff like the springs. :( (Here's the PK3 file. Run it through GZDoom to see the error. Here is the .PK3 if you want to look through the game and see for yourselves: http://www.mediafire.com/?ac6fnao66ff0p89)

Also, removing the .pk3 from GZDoom's file-running (Doom Builder testing) list allows it to run! But then, I can't use models! Please help me!

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