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Grain of Salt


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Without checking into it myself, it sounds like you're using a 'door' type action that ignores the tags and opens the sector behind it. Try action 15098 instead of 15102.

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Floor, Ceil, Door, Keydoor, Lift, Stair, or cRrusher? [F/c/d/k/l/s/r]: k
Kind of Door [0=Open-Close, 1=Open]: 1
Speed of Door [0=Slow, 1=Normal, 2=Fast, 3=Turbo]: 3
Door Key [0=Any, 1=RC, 2=BC, 3=YC, 4=RS, 5=BS, 6=YS, 7=All]: 3
Are skull and card keys the same, for this door? [Y/n]: y
Trigger Type [0=W1, 1=WR, 2=S1, 3=SR, 4=G1, 5=GR, 6=D1, 7=DR]: 6

Linedef special type is: 15102 (dec) 3afeH (hex)

Functional description: D1 Opn T RK, is this correct? [Y/n/Q(uit)]: q

Trigger types starting with "D" mean that the tag is ignored and the backside sector is acted on instead. That's what the "D" trigger does.

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Grain of Salt said:

Yeah, that fixed it. Thanks, both of you. I knew it'd be something obvious. I always forget that the D type triggers ignore tags. Ugh.

Actually they don't. In Boom you can tag D type lines to create lighting effects that are totally rad. But we don't need to get into that right now.

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