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Which server browser with favorites

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Which server do you guys use that has server favorites?

I'm used to using ZLauncher (from ZDaemon) which is an medium advanced server browser with favorites, irc and buddies.

However, I dislike ZDaemon (too many crashes+bugs), and I want to have a similar server browser for Skulltag or other online ports.

I've tried IDE (old), but I was getting very annoyed by the lack of functionality, especially lack of favorites. Then I tried DoomSeeker, because a friend said that it is replacing IDE and is much better, but after actually trying, it has even less functionality than IDE.

So I'm at a loss. Searching here doesn't help me either.

I just want a server browser with which I can flag or favorite certiain servers so I can find them easier on another day.

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Doomseeker has less functionality than IDE? What's missing that's important, compared to IDE?

As for favorite servers and buddy players, you could suggest those to the devs. They've quite active. See the tracker to add bug reports or feature suggestions.

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I didn't know IDE was still under development, as they told me doomseeker was replacing IDE.

IDE 5.04 doesn't look any different than the version I had previously.

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Why not check the IDE website and see for yourself that it is still under development. "They" must have meant that Doomseeker is to replace the Skulltag-only build of IDE, if anything.

As for favourite servers: you can tick the box to the left of a server and it will stay at the top of the list.

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Wow, these developers really should read up on 'human-computer interaction' standards.

I already noticed lack of HCI knowledge by the way sorting the rows is sort of unintuitive, but it's nothing major.

Normally these kinds of check boxes are used to select multiple rows in order to apply actions to them all at once (like delete) but I couldn't find any of those.

It is totally non-standard, and it's undocumented in the GUI, that these ticks will survive between sessions (eg with tooltips). Even worse, the tooltip tells that left-mouse selects/deselects the server, which makes people assume the standard behavior described above.

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