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Wireless Multiplayer

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One of my friends has unexpectedly developed a taste for retro multiplayer and wants to get together some laptops to play Doom together wirelessly.

I've had a nose about the FAQs and searched the forum and I think we might muddle through but if anyone can give me a fool proof step by step guide to setting this up it'd be greatly appreciated. I'm keen for this to work without a hitch so as not to put off anyone from playing again.

I'm thinking we will be playing a PRBoom+ wad so a PRBoom+ setup is ideal but a ZDoom setup wouldn't hurt as a second option. There'll be 2-4 of us using laptops with different Windows OS and preferably we'll be connecting wirelessly as I don't have serial leads.

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If you're all using wireless to connect to the same router, you've essentially got a network set up already. Have someone host a game and you should all see it running in the local network. I think you can also do this with Bluetooth.

If you don't have a router, then you're SOL. Laptops can't wirelessly connect to each other without extra peripherals.

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As already said; if you are on the same wireless network there should be no problem. One of you guys just set up a server, and the others of you just browse for servers in multiplayer.

Some ports (prboom?) doesnt have a multiplayer option in the menu, then you need to connec manually.

Set up the server with a bat file (or run), something like: prboom.exe -file doom2.wad -host 4 -skill 4

And connect to the server with: prboom.exe -file doom2.wad -join (insert correct IP-adress here)

I`ve done this a thousand times with all kinds of different ports, and we always get it to work somehow :)

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I've got a wireless router so it will hopefully be plain sailing. I'll try the command lines. I've got it to work before this way but I've also had problems once before too. Where 4 is in host is that the # of players?

Thanks for your help, I'll be back if I'm struggling to get running...

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purist said:

Where 4 is in host is that the # of players?

Yeah that will be the max clients.

I think I may remember that in some ports you have to wait until all nodes/clients connects until the server starts. So if you are 3 players, type in 3, not 4 :) (this is not a problem in Skulltag at least, but just to be sure)

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