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DooM: Remnants of Evil

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Doom: Remnants of Evil. Part 1

The marine was new to the station, but he knew the stories, the wars fought against hell that the public were never to know about. He was transferred to the station two days before, after a confrontation with his commanding officer, whom he believed was executing civillians for minor crimes. The marine believed the commanding officer took enjoyment in the slayings, and perhaps he was right. This was his first mission though, so he can't think of those things now, if he is to sucessfully carry out the mission. The mission itself was simple: A routine guard duty of Phobos,
the most unlively base on mars. "Deimos was better than this," he thought, "at least there were hostiles there." Then a feint sound echoed from sector 5z, the chemical sector of phobos. "someone probably just fell, but johnson will have my ass if i dont check it out," the marine said under his breath, venturing down the hall. As he stepped into the first room of the sector, the transfusers were shattered, leaking radiation, and smelling like pure... yeah. "Goddamnit!," the marine shouted as he stepped into the radiation slime, since this was the first day on duty, and inspection was manditory on your first day. He walked into the labritory and saw something human eyes were never meant to see, this brown... creature, was devouring the body of a dead scientist! This creature looked up at the marine, and the marine got a good look at the beast: brown skin, red eyes, spikes everywhere on its body, blood covering his hands and jaw. It screamed a hellish scream that could make satan himself cower, and lunged at the marine. The marine, his senses trained from years of battle, downed the imp in one headshot. The marine had heard the stories, and now, looking down at the creature, he realized... The stories had been true, and this was yet another breach from hell. Looking onward, the marine knew he had only two options: One, cower and eventually die like a bitch, or Two, defend Phobos and die a hero.

I hope you all know what path he chose.

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Doom: Remnants of Evil. Part 2

Life is hell, some say, but this particular marine knows this firsthand. As he walks down the dark hallway, lights flickering, he knows he probably Isn't going to see home ever again. Realizing this, he makes the decision to go out with a bang. Sure he only has a pistol, fifty bullets, and two grenades, but he is going to make them count. And soon after, he sees a fellow marine patrolling the halls like nothing is going on. He walks up to this clearly deranged marine and tries to communicate, but he sees the truth right after the marine turns around. His eyes were pure red. From pure instinct that they don't teach in the marines, Our marine automatically points the gun at the demons skull and fires, no thought, just reaction. Instantly the demon's skull shatters into pieces, its jaw still intact on its neck. The marine grabs a piece of the demon's skull. This particular piece was from half of the nose to the eye, which was hanging out. The marine jabs a hook into it, and chains it to his belt. What we would call "insanity", this marine has now called "Luck". He walks further, until he sees a door off to the side. As he walks in, he has a slight sense of familiarity of this room. He sees a picture of his son. The marine was in his own quarters. Now he looks at the picture, almost assured that he will never see his son again. He also sees a bit of a silver lining, too, as he will never see his bitch of an ex-wife again also. Still, this picture of his son makes him think. Nobody should lose a father at seventeen,especially his boy. He's always been in the right, while his father, our semi-psychotic marine, has practically always been in the wrong. His son, who is now training himself for the marines, shouldn't lose his marine father. He sheds a tear at the photograph, but then it shatters. He turns around to see a man with a shotgun. "Oh shit, those red eyes! well lets turn the rest of him red,too!" he thinks to himself, seeing as this moment was shattered by the shotgunner. Our marine flies into a rage, and jams a grenade into the base of the shotgunner's skull, and jumps back. Moments later, Our marines quarters are now painted red. He grabs the shotgun, and moves on.

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Doom: Remnants of Evil. Part 3

Now he has a reason to live. Now there is meaning to this existance on the base. Our marine, who's now spattered in blood and has a skull chained to his belt, walks into the next room without fear. There are no lights on, but he hears footsteps. Abnormally fast footsteps... Before he has time to react to the sound, he hears a flame being lit. Then his arm feels warm. No... Hot. He looks at his arm, and doesn't even try to put it out, it's a waste of time. He automatically goes to where he heard the footsteps. He flashes his light to check out whats there- oh crap, a sound behind him. Our marine turns, and is cut several times by razor sharp claws. All these cuts leave searing
marks all over him. He stumbles to the floor. A huge figure now towers over him. Two horselike legs, grey body, head like a goat. And a green lit fireball in hand. The marine closes his eyes and waits for death. But it doesnt come, as a matter of fact, no fire at all yet... He feels a pain in his leg, like tearing... He looks down, and his leg is all but torn completely off! They proceed to his next leg, and the marine resists. There's no use, now the man's legless. The demon grabs the severed leg and beats the marine until all his ribs break. He now lays there, defenseless
against the demon assault. The demon reaches to our marines heart. Our marine once again resists, but to no avail. His heart has been torn from his body. He looks at his final sight, a goat-demon
holding his heart above his head, as if it was a prize. "Sorry son" thought the marine, "Dad's not gonna see you through the marines..." he dies there, on the floor.

And wakes up. At phobos. But this is not a joyful moment, for he is surrounded by the same demons of his dream... He has legs now. Reality is going to be a bitch for these bastards...

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Doom: Remnants of Evil. Part 4

He doesn't think before he makes his attempt to decimate these demons that were just in his nightmare, then again, he can't think anymore. For if you hesitate -even to catch your breath- for a second, you're fucked. Heres the instructions to survival on the posessed Mars Deimos base BAM! *click click* BAM! *click click* BAM!... repeat until dead. Survival depends on the marine's best friend: his gun.

The Demon swipes at his head, the marine quickly attempts to block it with his arm, which, of course, is futile. His arm is completely broken by the sheer strength of the demon, but our marine isn't going to make his nightmare come true, now he won't try to retaliate. he WILL retaliate. Now, no thought, just action. He bashes the demon's skull with his shotgun, then turns the barrel on it and blasts it. Of course the demon isn't dead, merely knocked down, but this gives our marine enough time to attack the demon next to him. He's far enough away to make this a well aimed shot. He lines it up. *click*. "WHAT?" *click*. "No(*click*), no no no no NO!!" *CLICK CLICK CLICK* "GODDAMMIT!!" The shotguns now useless of course, so he throws it at the demon in front of him and runs like all hell. The demons are, of course, right on his ass. He trips over something too dark to see. He hits the ground, and as he tries to regain stance, he grabs what he tripped on. It's large, obviously a... Gun? He feels the barrel. Barrels. It's a minigun. "Hell yeah" the marine thinks to himself "fuckin' bastards!" He fires wildly at the crowd of demons around him, and after nearly expending all ammo in the damn thing, he has killed everything he can see.

Nothing left to do but move on.
Without thought,of course, because thought gets you killed.

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