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Doom RPG PC- Reviews, Rants, Pictures, Downloads

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Since this is the first post in a new thread by me, I'll start off by saying this:

This thread is for people who have interest in trying the Doom RPG game.
This is a collaboration project made by TheSpazztikOne and DoomHero85.

-If you wish to join the development team, just ask on this forum or PM one of us.

-If you play the game, and like what you see, please post reviews on this page!

-If don't see something in the game that you want, just simply request it on this Forum. We'll get back with ya!

-Updates to the game will be posted on a daily basis. If you want an update, click the most recent file under this string.

-Information Regarding the updates will be posted here as well.

-If you want, post your own pictures of your feats on Doom RPG,
and we'll recongize them here!

-Please be advised that this game does not run on the Doom engine, and therefore do not use WADs. But, with the editor packaged with the game, this has all the ease of modification as the Doom engine!

-To play the game, Double-click on DoomRPG.exe
-Full-screen is Alt-enter
-"Use" button is Space.
-"Choice" button is Enter.
- Use the arrow keys to move around.
-Don't try to skip intro screen, it won't work...yet.
(You press enter after Crash says: "...oh, never mind.")

-Text-boxes in regular play can be advanced by pressing Enter.

--------So, without further delay, I'll present the next update, and some info on it.-------------------------------

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?831cwg59k8wax51

Update Info:
-over 10 large areas have been made, and are (almost) fully explorable
-just about 8 weapons have been added to the game thus far.
-A load of enemies to fight
-Cutscenes have been added (sorry, no skipping yet.)
-Midi music by Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and many other bands!
-We thank Tormentor667 for his use of sprites and sounds in this game!

-Game Updated as of 7/14/2011-

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I played the demo and it was cool, later today I will check out the update.

One thing that I didn't like was watching the blue bars fill up during battles. Can you make it just skip the time when nobody is choosing actions?

Also, the lost souls completely destroyed my ass :D oh well

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well, i was wanting the game to have a fair time-based RPG feel to it.
The blue bar is like, say, the time it takes to reload your gun to fire another round off. Yes, i know that's not Doom-ish, but I'm trying to make an RPG Doom title that is actually worth playing and realistic.
If you get what I mean.

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I know what action points are. There is no need for the player to actually watch the stupid thing fill up while nothing is happening. Unless it is a limitation of rpg maker, you should just have it calculate who gets to move. Instead of pretending like it actually takes time.

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Now, I must adress this fairly so everyone won't get upset. Me and DoomHero85 are taking a break from constantly updating the next 'version' of the Doom RPG Game to the DW forums everyday. from now on, we will only post final editions of the game, and patches, if necessary.

The next time we will post a link for the game will be: When Episode one is finished.

Now, that doesn't mean that we won't give you screenshots, gameplay previews, and more info on the release! we just need more time to get this thing finished! hopefully, when this is all said and done, you'll be looking at the polished version of the game on the /Newstuff chronicles. And hopefully, it won't be listed as 'boring', 'slow', or other degradable crap.
Now, if you post something on this forum string from now on, like a question or comment and such, we'll be more than happy to give you a straight answer. No beatin around teh bush.

What we will tell you right now is this:

This Doom RPG will differ only ever so slightly from the actual Doom 1 game. Please do not complain about game differences between this game and the WAD.

I will retell this as well. This game is NOT a WAD file! There is a new engine we use to make this game on, and will be included with the Game itself.

Lastly, for your viewing pleasure, the first Gameplay video of the original version of Doom RPG - Unpolished 1st edition:

Please excuse the lag. my computer sucks.

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I know it's been a little bit since this thread has been updated with news, but i'll go ahead and post some if anyone's interested:

All graphics for episode one of Doom RPG are near completion.

An intro-story and interactive cutscene is being added to the beginning of the story (if you are lost about the opening story about how it compares to Doom 1, look at my Fan Fic forum thread: Doom: Knee Deep in the Dead).

Almost all of the party members for episode one are made (just need to put Sarge's battle sprites in there!)

Shops are made

Animated tiles for the game are still being made

only a few of the maps are done for E1.

We still got a lot more to do before Episode One is released! Stick with us!

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