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Death Egg

Bone Dry - 10 somewhat ok maps

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I did these over the course of a week or two last month. They're mostly experimental maps and maps I did previously with some updates. I meant to make this a full-blown 32-map megawad, but I got bored so there's only 10. These maps don't follow any specific theme, I kinda just did whatever with each one. The reason it's called Bone Dry is because some of the maps are very light on detail. I tried designing this for Boom support but I really don't know if it works properly in it.

MAP01 - A Base A very short map
MAP02 - Another Base A map I did for my Extermination 3-map WAD
MAP03 - Mazy Cave A cave map with a maze
MAP04 - Seaside Invasion A map I did for my Extermination 3-map WAD
MAP05 - Pumping Station A map I did for my Extermination 3-map WAD
MAP06 - Octogons O' Fun A small but brutal map
MAP07 - Logic Anomaly A map based somewhat on 1995 maps
MAP08 - The River of Blood An extreme non-linear map
MAP09 - UAC Armory A variant of my MAP31 for the Progressive Fiction project
MAP10 - Got Wood? An experiment at an atmospheric map

I'm sure there's probably a lot of problems in these maps. For one thing there's very little secrets in the maps, but there are some. Another thing is that some maps likely have some ammo and health problems. Report any bugs, I might be assed to fix them and eventually upload this to /idgames.


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Looks nice. I think I'll download it at somepoint, if only out of curiosity for your UAC Armoury variant.

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Having a play through was pretty fun, however I found some issues with the monster and item placement. Some maps you would find just one or two monsters for a while, then open a door to find it crammed with bigger guys. There were also similar contrasts with ammo and health (too much in some places, and then suddenly not enough). Major issues with pistol starts, meaning the maps would be tedious or ridiculous i.e. the library part of map10)

You definitely show some great potential with your visual styles, although they clashed in some maps (not necessarily bad) and at the beginning there was too much brown. Also there were some clever layouts, I really liked the part where I came back through the door the map starts from :D

Most of the traps and a couple of the battles were very easy to just run past.

Music was sometimes good, mostly average (in my opinion), and absolutely horrid on map02. I just don't think that song fits with the map or doom in general :P (I IDMUS'd to the music for map28 and it was awesome)

Here's some screens of specific broken parts or things I thought were weird:

In some places, monsters were rendered basically harmless. This is one of them, there was another with a mancubus in a tiny room, and a few others.

Those manc fireballs were hitting the table instead of me, not sure if that was intended

It's awkward that you can't walk out onto the water a bit. (I always hated invisible barriers anyway)

Another harmless monster, wouldn't pursue me out of its cage (EDIT: Also, tell me whats wrong with this picture?)

Brown sludge mixed with water

Moving parts always manage to sneak in that un-textured line :P

He's too fat for that area

This fight and others on the same map were really boring because all I had was the shotgun and the chaingun. (pistol start issue)

Anyway those are some of my nitpicks, also texture alignment could always be more perfect :D

I don't know how attached to these maps you are, but I feel they are overall kinda average and would need major revisions to be excellent. If you want to do major revisions go ahead - or use some of the better parts as inspiration or something. As you said they are experimental. Parts that stood out to me were the ashwall blocky maze (a fun maze, go figure!), the outside portion of map10, and a few parts that felt a lot like episode 1 or 2 style

Anyway, it seemed like you've improved a lot over time because some of the maps were not very good looking or cool to explore, while others looked awesome and were fun to explore and would make great maps with a little ammo/health/monster revision. But in any case sometimes it's better to just start fresh and work on new maps, to employ your skills on, rather than picking up the pieces of your experiments :D

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