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Du Mhan Yhu

([Mods can delete this thread)]

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This map has been scrapped. Mods can delete this thread now. The wad is going in a different direction.

[Download links are dead]

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Just played it, and I thought the main thing to say is it's great looking. I did find it a little, as I like to call it, "Room-by-Room"

meaning, a room that connects to another room through a hallway, then that room connects to another room through a hallway etc.

for the level of detail, it's surprisingly not too cramped, but again, it's not a very interesting layout.

Maybe concentrate less on the looks, it must've taken you a while to make it look so pretty, which, through lack of time spent on an cool layout, probably led to it having those uninteresting qualities.

Still pretty good though, just a bit of a predictable Zdoom map.

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Thanks phobosdeimos1, glad to hear that. I'll wait and see if I can get a few more opinions. Based on whats said I'll rework the map a considerable amount.

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