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Running Pwads on HERETIC.EXE via DosBox

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Does anybody know how this is done?

I've managed to get it running, I just can't figure out where to tell HERETIC.EXE to load a PWAD

I assume it's the same as loading a PWAD in DOOM.EXE

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Sodaholic said:

Probably, just use -file and you're good to go.

Yeah it works when running the actual DOS game, but how do I add that parameter to it when it's being run through DOSBOX?

When I add the parameters to the EXE, it creates a shortcut. How can I run the parameters within that shortcut in DOSBOX? Hmmm..

EDIT: FINALLY worked it out. You just don't run Heretic.exe through a shortcut of DOSBOX, instead, run a shortcut to the directory, then run "HERETIC.exe -file *.wad" from the DOSBOX interface

Sorted :)

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Just type: heretic.exe -file [name of first PWAD you want to load].wad [name of second PWAD you want to load].wad [name of third PWAD you want to load].wad

So on and so on, you can add as many files as you'd like. The ones later in the list override the earlier ones.

EDIT: Never mind, didn't notice your edit.

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It's cool man, thanks anyway, but it wasn't the syntax I didn't know, it was because I was running it through a shortcut to DOSBOX,

because I'm lazy.

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