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Some of the most awesome shit I've ever heard

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98% of everything wrong with this song is the singer. Boring, typical thrash "Stand up and fight" lyrics.. awful sense of timing / rhythm. The other 2% is the production is dead-flat. No dynamics, it's not exciting at all.

The music isn't bad. It's decent, old-schooly cross-over thrash. The players are pretty tight too. That's always a plus. They need to either get a thrash metal singer that can sing like Helloween or a fat, drunk slob that yells everything and is so bad it's really good (S.O.D., Gang Green, ect).

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horrible vocalist...
ok, fine...he's not horrible, just in the wrong style of music. he's not fast enough. and off-timed. not good off-timed.
i think he should practice more or join a sludge band...maybe a drone band.

high speed teabagging maniacs.

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DoomUK said:


Lol sorry marnetmar, we are all shitting on your song :D

But maybe, if the thread title wasn't "most awesome shit I've ever heard," the reviews would be less scathing

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Is this your music, Marnetmar?

The vocals aren't that bad. No worse than Mille Petrozza on the latest Kreator albums. Would sound better with better production, but not as bad as everyone is making it sound. Lyrics are silly though, but it fits with the type of music.

Music is pretty good. The solos are very Megadethy/Metallicay, but that's not necessary a bad thing.

I like neothrash a lot, but Vektor basically beats every other neothrash band to the ground.

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D_GARG said:

are talking good metal or junk metal in here :C ?

Elaborate. I'm not quite a thrash person as I am black or doom metal.

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D_GARG said:

junk metal

now we have some here

As a heavy listener to thrash. I have to say that Arsenite is very generic modern Thrash.
This topic reminds me to find more unsigned modern thrash.

[offtopic] I can't stand modern Death/black metal.
But here is some death metal I really like. [/offtopic]

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Singer sounds more like he belongs in a skinhead band, though is a little too high pitched for that (I take Condemned 84 as the "baseline" against which all other skinhead singing is judged **). The music's cool though, a lot of Thrash I've listened to has been the old stuff (like 80's Testament) which has that "empty room" sound to it.

Edit: LOLWTF is that "Wheelz of steel" crap? This was recorded? And released? I've heard better pub bands!

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