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Best Way to Create DEH Files These Days?

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I want to learn how to edit small things for vanilla Doom such as change imtermission text or sky textures but have no experience at all. I want to start at the beginning but there is a sea of knowledge out there and it's a little hard to navigate for a noob like me!

So, my first question is; What's the easiest method to create a vanilla Doom/Ultimate Doom deh file? The last I heard was using WhackEd. Has this been superseded now?

Bonus question; How would I go about changing sky textures in a Doom wad so as to be vanilla compatible?

Any (simple) explanations and help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think WhackEd3 is the most recent DEH editor. You can download it here

And I don't know what you mean by changing sky textures. If you just want to replace a sky texture, you don't need DeHackEd for that.

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Yeah, for custom sky you just need to add the relevant SKY1-4 (Ultimate Doom) or RSKY1-3 (Doom II) in your PWAD. How you go about that depends on the tool you're using. I can explain how to do that with deutex if it helps.

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Thanks for the link. I'll give WhackEd a try.

So, I would use something like Slade 3 to edit a pwad and add sky1, sky2 etc? I take it the pwad would automatically replace the skies in the Doom iwad then?

Thanks again, like I said, I'm a noob at all this! :)

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A PWAD, or patch wad, contains resources that replace resources of the main IWAD at runtime. For example, most PWADS contain the MAP01 lump (and all of it's respective map-related lumps) which will replace the map by the same name in DOOM2.WAD. The same goes for nearly all resources in the main IWAD, including most graphics. So if you wanted to replace the RSKY1 patch that is used for the "episode 1" skies, you'd simply insert a graphic into your PWAD, convert it to the Doom graphics format (if this isn't already done for you), and make sure it has the same name and dimensions of the original lump (RSKY1, 256 x 128).

For new texture compositions, or modifying existing multi-patch textures, it gets a bit more complicated. For this you need to include a new TEXTURE1/PNAMES lump.

For skies though, that's unnecessary, as you're only modifying the patch that the sky texture uses. Just keep this in mind, as it may help you later on: a patch is the graphic lump in the wad, and a texture is an arrangement of patches that form a texture you see in-game (textures are defined in the TEXTURE1/PNAMES lumps in the DOOM2.WAD). Some textures only have one patch (Like the SKY1 texture only uses RSKY1 patch) while other textures use multiple patches (like COMPTALL). Also textures can reuse the same patches, so replacing the patch often results in all those textures changing.

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