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I've created a prototypical music wad containing every song from 3DO Doom. Yes, you've all heard that 3DO Doom sucked. But if you're not tuned in to its reputation for having the best music out of all the ports, it's time to avail yourself of these songs! Now I decided to make the wad for Doom 2, since it's the Doom of choice for new levels and such, even though these songs are remixes of original Doom songs. I figure once the project is finished I'll package two wads together--one wad for Doom and one wad for Doom 2, each containing all of the songs.

In the meantime, I need some pointers and feedback. There are only 12 songs in 3DO Doom. Should I repeat them in the same order? Leave it be? Supplement it with, perhaps, songs from SNES Doom? I figure SNES Doom should have its own music wad too, but it's just a thought.

Here's the link: https://rapidshare.com/files/3788697405/3DO_Music.wad

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No, I just put them in a wad for Doom 2 because I figure that's what everyone used more often than not...but I'll be putting the same songs in a Doom 1 wad as well, and most likely packaging them together.

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So I don't want to be obnoxious, but I'd like to get this finished while I'm motivated to work on it. If this is to be the definitive 3DO music wad that I make, I want to make it right, so feedback would be very much appreciated.

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MegaZzZeux said:

Any chance you could put a link to just the MIDIs up as well?

They are not MIDI, which is why the file is 24 megs or whatever.

I think you should just repeat them, that's what was done in Doom2.

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