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New Wad- Aloha_oe.wad

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I built this wad on the bones of aloha808.wad, which in hindsight, was indeed pretty skeletal, and indeed pretty crappy. Aloha_oe is 808 on steroids... more filling, more challenging, and more fun.

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Would love to do both, but have not done it before, so... how do you take/post a screen shot, and how do you create a download link?


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Taking screenshots differs depending on what engine you are using. In vanilla Doom and some others, you have to use the -devparm parameter when starting the game, which allows the F1 key to take screenshots. They may be in PCX format, so you'll probably need to use an external tool like Irfanview to convert them to PNGs or JPEGs.

Some other ports such as ZDoom will allow you to capture screenshots without any special parameters, and this ability will most often be bound to the PrintScreen/SysReq key by default.

To post the screenshot, you'll likely need to upload it to an image hosting site, such as imgur or imageshack, among others.

To post the WAD itself, you can use a file hosting service, such as MediaFire.

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