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General Rainbow Bacon

Doom 1 shitmap

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Screenshots would be nice.

I for one almost never bother downloading maps from map threads if there are no screenshots. More people will probably download the map if there are screenshots, as well as more information about the map (theme, difficulty etc).

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Nice, I quite enjoyed it. I love slaughtering hordes of sargents ^_^ Here is my failed attempt at the map. I reached what I presume to be the exit (switch through blue door) but wanted to get 100% kills so I went back then something went wrong ... -.- It was my first game of Doom for the day so maybe I'll have breakfast and try it again.

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Believe me, i believe some of my very first maps would make some of the 1994 ones look like masterpieces.

(looking at one of my old mapsets, which was to see if I could map)

If i had the original files, i'd give you the maps. But in the meantime, it's like the old saying:

"What happens in Vegas stays on Youtube"

It's a video on there called:
Intermission:the hell wars A doom story. I made the set when i was like 12.

(looks away in shame)

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