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Making a floor have a higher brightness than the ceiling

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Does anyone know how to do this trick, and does it work with Boom? I remember reading a tutorial on it just for knowledge's sake, thinking I wouldn't ever use it. However, it turns out that I now need that effect for something, and I can't seem to find any tutorials on it.

Any pointers?

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In Boom, you can use either the Transfer Floor Light special or the Transfer Ceiling Light special.

It's pretty easy to ue: point a linedef at a sector you want to borrow the brightness level from, and give the linedef a tag and either of those specials. For the sake of this example, let's say you're using the Transfer Floor Light. Now, any sectors that you give that matching tag to will take their floor light level from the sector you pointed the transfer line at.

You can use a dummy sector to take the level from, or it can be right in your map, depending on which is easier.

You can also combine floor light transfers with ceiling light transfers, so that walls will use the sector's own light level but the floor and ceiling will both be something different.


In vanilla Doom, there's a trick you can do with flat bleeding to accomplish the same effect, with some limitations. Brighten your floor sector as needed, then raise the ceiling up something silly like 2048 units so that its flat can't be seen ingame. Leave the upper textures blank, or use AASHITTY to keep Doom Builder from ever automatically applying textures to them. The darker ceiling will bleed across the gap due to the 'floodfill' way that flats are drawn.

(Of course, you need to keep it at least 1 unit away from actual walls, or they'll become as tall as you made your ceiling.)


So, those are the basics of the two ways you can do this in Boom or vanilla.

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Awesome, thanks Essel!

EDIT: I can't seem to find that special under the Transfer menu. Any reason for this?

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I forget where it is, but in Boom they're specials 213 and 261, I believe. If you use enough of them it gets faster to just type them in.

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Marnetmar said:

I can't seem to find that special under the Transfer menu. Any reason for this?

If you use DoomBuilder, look under Ceiling or Floor Menus.

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