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Dark Country (starring Thomas Jane the Punnisher)

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Howdy all! My mind was blown! I'll start with a brief introduction of what Dark Country is, then after that I'll spoil it. So what is Dark Country? It's a straight to DVD movie staring Thomas Jane (the punnisher) and some nobody (guest starring Ron Pearlman). Two newlyweds that did a Vegas wedding who woke up married go on a trip through the desert at night and end up hitting a guy with their car. The guy is brought into their car and he wakes up. That's what the trailers preview.

Trailer >>

Now I'm gonna ruin it for you all so spoilers. Stop reading, if you want to see that movie at all. If the trailer looks like crap keep reading!!!! If you've seen the movie... keep reading!

This movie has 3 people in it asside from 3 extras. There are no small roles in this movie. This was like a 90 minute episode of the Twighlight Zone everything from the photography to the fact they were in a desert for a single night the entire movie. Oh that and there's just mind fucks for the sake of mind fucks like the Twighlight Zone.

So they hit a man because they had the headlights off and the man they hit isn't dead. Eventually after weirdness he decides to try and kill Thomas Jane with a seatbelt. The action spills out of Thomas Jane's 1960s car and beat him to death with a rock. Threw him in the trunk and they decide to burry him in the desert and they do so, but then after they're miles away at a rest stop full of cars Thomas fucking Jane realizes oh his watch is missing. He wants to go back to the body. New wife stays there with a gun for protection.

Thomas Jane finds an empty pit no body, but then Thomas Jane hears gun shots. He rushes back, she's gone but there's a trail of stuff that leads to a dead woman's hand but not his wife's.

Coincidentally driving off he almost hits police officer Ron Hellboy Pearlman. They go to find his wife, but gets a call bodies have been found. Well it ends up there's a desert area full of 1960s cars, the same cars at the rest stop. There hasn't been a rest stop there for 30 years! Dun dun done!!!

They pull Thomas Jane's stripper wife out of the ground, the Punnisher goes bat shit, breaks out of a cop car, hops into a 1950s car that just happens to have the keys in it and drives away with a police chase.

The Punnisher turns off his lights and disappears. Poof!!! fucking poof! Vannished.

Well he ends up crashing because of no lights. Then he wakes up in a pool of blood and gets hit by a car himself. Hit by a 1960s car owned by Thomas Jane and they pick him up and put him in the backseat. So whenever someone turns off their lights in the Nevada Dark Country they're shifted 30 years through time it looks like. Twighlight Zone.

Then the biggest mind fuck of all... Thomas Jane directed it! He put up $1,000 of his own dollars to make this movie and got Ron Pearlman for 10 minutes. Thomas Jane for Doomguy!!! Co starring Ron Hellboy Pearlman.

ok done. Discuss.

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I'm just curious what you loved about it? Did you watch the commentary? It had a $250,000 budget and they explained some things.

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The camera work and general look of it, minus the lame green screen and that one cheapo CGI scene. The whole noir feel. The acting wasn't anything special but they all did a good job. The fact that it's such a low budget movie yet I had great fun watching it since I always wanted The Hitcher and Lost Highway to have a bastard child.

My torrent didn't have commentary. Looks like I'm going to have to dig it up.

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It did feel like Lost Highway and a lot of it was green screen. I'd say almost all of it. Some was more noticable than others. There were only a few things in the real desert (which turns out to be in North Cali).

As it turns out, the portal is beneath the bridge and its not lights off. It also fucks with my theory that they're really from the 1960s transported to the future when they have cellphones and cameras.

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