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Anyone else playing Mount and Blade: Warbands?

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My friend showed me this interesting game called Mount and Blade: Warbands.

What makes it interesting is that its a sort of a mishmash of an RPG, empire manager, and the Total war games. You create your own character and then start in a medieval land (there no magic or fantasy stuff in it though) called Calaradia and you can then just more or less do whatever you want.

You can try to take over the kingdom you are in (I think there are 8 kingdoms, all of whom act and think on their own in real time) or you can just play a mercenary and keep leveling up your character. Another cool thing is that it has a realistic melee system.

I could go on and on, but instead I will just show the trailer and link to the wikipedia page:


Since Warbands is basically a standalone improved version of the first game you are probably better off reading about the core gameplay here though: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount%26Blade#Gameplay


The easiest way to describe the game is by asking yourself what the Total War games would be like if they had been RPG's.

I just started playing the game, and I am still learning how to play in many ways.

Does anyone else here play it? And if so that what are your thoughts on it?

And on a side note, do you have any tips for me?

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I played the very first Mount & Blade at a friend's house. It was quite fun, but in a crappy kind of way. Just using the cheat codes to hire heaps of soldiers then starting a battle was quite funny.

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I've played the first one for hours and hours, starting several characters because it gets boring once you start outclassing everything else on the battlefield.

It's a great sandbox, but it lacks some sort of goal.

Haven't tried Warband, probably won't have time to do so anytime soon.

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Warband is pretty sweet. Fire and Sword is also really good but tbh I haven't played a huge, huge amount of both so I don't exactly how they compare but with F&S it's pretty fun to use firearms from horseback.

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Do I play Mount and Blade: Warbands? DO I PLAY MOTHERFUCKING MOUNT & BLADE WARBANDS? Shit, I haven't done anything else for the past two weeks except that and work. This is probably the most insanely fun game I've ever encountered, and the combat system puts everything else to shame. I want to play a tabletop RPG with a combat system as fun as this. It has a pretty fun learning curve. You can start by just hacking away at everything and that will get you pretty far, but after a while you learn how to time and aim your shots and you become an unstoppable killing machine.

Also, the whole political system is fairly intriguing (lol). I'd like to see where this goes once you start carving out your own kingdom. Right now I'm part of the Kerghit Khanate, with a small fief in their lands, and I'm married to the sister of one of the minor nobles (who I'm pretty much bros with). Also, I have like three Vaegir Boyars as captives and I'm hoping to ransom them off for massive amounts of money.

Tournaments are fun and a great way of making money (pro-tip: if you have saving enabled, just save before each one so you can retry if you lose). If you keep betting the max on yourself you can get 2-4k kronars depending on how many times you won the tourney before.

Apparently the first Mount & Blade is farily lame compared to Warbands, though I haven't played it. Fire & Sword is pretty cool, but it introduces firearms, which you can insta-kill people at a range with (instead of just insta-killing them with lances), which changes the gameplay up a bit.

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