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feature idea - display level name sprite in automap

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I've had an idea for a while (others may have had it first but I can't find anything on it) which I remembered reading this thread. Of course you can change the level name graphic in a wad, but can't change the name that shows up in the automap without a .deh patch. Now I (and Processingcontrol and others probably) like knowing the name of the map I'm playing and sometimes can't catch it in time during the "entering" screen.

Anyway my suggestion is: maybe some ports could have a feature that displays the level name graphic in the automap instead of printing the level name.

Yes, I know, MAP11. But it would be an option and I think it would be worth it especially for older PWADs (which are usually without embedded DeHackEd).

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Doomsday already does this.

If a CWILV/WILV lump is present for a map and there is no Dehacked or Map Info that changes the maps name on the automap, Dday will use the afore mentioned CWILV/WILV patch on the automap.

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This is very reason why we have a map title display shown when spawning into a map in Doomsday (which also uses the intermission patch if no overridding name definition is found).

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